All webinars will be held at 4 pm Danish time and lasts about an hour. The program is roughly distributed as follows:

  • Approximately 5 min welcome
  • Approximately 20-25 min presentation (pictures, video, PowerPoints etc. can be used)
  • Approximately 20 - 25 min. Questions and comments from panel (Basically a panel of 3 persons - distributed on 1 from The Wilderness and 2 externals.)
  • Approximately 5 min, completion, and perspective - announcement of upcoming seminar.

Webinars are initially facilitated by Johannes Nordentoft, The Wilderness


To sign up for individual webinars. Go to:


Here you can sign up for the individual webinars.

By following the link you go to Meeting Registration where you sign up with name, email address and organization.

When you sign up you will receive an email with Meeting Registration Approved and description of the webinaras well as the date and time of the Zoom webinar. Here you also get the link you need to connect to the webinar.

We recommend that you connect to the webinar 10-15 minutes before it starts (then you also have time to have a cup of coffee before the webinar starts :-)

When you log in, you will be placed in a waiting room and from here you will be allowed to enter the virtual meeting room.

The speaker assigns the word to speaker and panel - there will be an opportunity to write questions and comments to the speaker and panel participants during the webinar.

The seminars will be recorded and will subsequently be viewable on YouTube.

Participants in webinars may be from different continents and time zones - hence the time at 4 pm. Danish time, 09 am Peru, 10 am Bolivia, 09 am. Ecuador, 08 am Honduras,  8 am New Mexico, USA , 9 pm. Thailand, 9 pm. Vietnam Ghana 6 pm, Kenya 5 pm.,